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ABS legal services

Running a business can be exciting and rewarding, but it’s important that you get it right. Challenges can range from getting the right premises to ensuring you have watertight contracts to protect you from suppliers, customers and even your fellow businesses partners. It's important that you get some initial advice, this can help prevent unnecessarily bad decisions being made, which will ultimately cost you more in the long-run. Terms and conditions of business are an essential document which every business should (but often don’t) have in place.  

You want to ensure you have a binding, legally enforceable contract with your suppliers and customers. It can protect you against non-payment; help limit your liability to your customers; and set out a clear and legally compliant policy for delivery, returns and defective items. It will also help you avoid disputes arising at a later date.

ABS has standardized, branded, professional and team-oriented comprehensive law firms, which have rich experience in domestic and international legal services in many business fields, such as corporate, finance, real estate, construction engineering, intellectual property, labor and personnel, criminal and administrative.

ABS legal service support team is especially good at handling major civil and commercial legal disputes which includes International Trade Negotiations, Trade Disputes Mediation, contract drafting, settlement agreement, arbitration and litigation.

Our law firms serves as permanent legal counsel for many government agencies, state-owned enterprises, real estate companies, banks and financial institutions.


Our impeccable legal services for corporate sector are available everywhere in China and Pakistan, irrespective of the sector of occupation, profession, or business.

ABS legal support service team helps people and corporations of varied sectors in:

  • Protecting your intellectual property;
  • Issues with Former, Current, or Prospective Employees;
  • Shareholder Agreements;
  • Dealing with Legal Issues;
  • Registration of Your Business;
  • Handling Legal Documents;
  • Contract Management;
  • Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions;

It is highly advised that you take legal support services as it will help you in dealing with all your legal issues in a timely and appropriate manner.